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About Us


TowSer Towing Service is ready to provide our Michigan customers with the most reliable and most efficient roadside assistance around. Here in Michigan, roadside assistance is essential due to the hazardous roads. With hazardous roads comes with tires blowing out, suspension parts breaking, and in some cases broken down vehicles. Here at TowSer Towing Service we provide the most efficient roadside assistance in the city, and we are not only efficient, but we will always make it to you and to your location in a timely manner. TowSer Towing Service provides roadside assistance which ranges from emergency towing, winch out, fuel delivery service, and battery jumpstart. When any of our Michigan customer’s finds themselves in such a situation we are one of the top rated and called roadside assistance, towing service called.

TowSer Towing Service provides towing service to residents of Warren, Hazel Park, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Ferndale, and all over Michigan can rely on TowSer Towing Service, 24/7 for any roadside assistance. We can change your tire, help if you are locked out of your vehicle, jump start any car and deliver gas to stranded motorists. Moreover, there are times when you find your car does not start even after all of your efforts. In such unforeseeable situations, there is an urgent need to call a reliable and professional tow truck service in the area. For all our residents in Troy, they can take the instant and trustworthy service from TowSer Towing Service. TowSer Towing Service understands that most roadside assistance companies are not reliable. That is why TowSer Towing Service will only give you a time frame if we can make it on time.

One of the most notorious calls TowSer receives here in the city of Michigan  are accident calls. It is extremely important to get the vehicle towed. Just because the body doesn’t look that damaged that doesn’t go for the mechanical part of the vehicle. When one gets into a front end accident it is very important to get the vehicle towed because the chances of the radiator being broken are very high. If you decide to drive after an accident your doing a lot more damage to the vehicle then you probably even understand. Not only that you’re putting yourself in harms way as well as the other drivers on the road. Don’t risk it just call TowSer Towing service and we can assist you in your roadside assistance.

No matter the time of day, night, rain, or snow TowSer is ready and prepared to assist you in all of your roadside assistance needs. We are able to assist you in a winch out, tire change, fuel delivery service, and emergency towing. TowSer Towing Service Michigan we can make it to you and to your location very quickly, just give us a call!